2024 Apollo Projects New Zealand Age Group Swimming Championships

15th - 19th April 2024, Hawkes Bay

Southland Team Information

Travel up: 14th April 2024

Travel home: 20th April 2024

The following costs are based on 12 swimmers attending the meet and are subject to change, at this stage just a guideline:

Accommodation: $685

Local Travel:  $TBA

Fuel: $TBA

Food: $TBA

Other costs: $TBA

Head Coach: Jeremy Duncan


Leave 14th April 2024 ~ INV 11:25am, Arrive NAP at 3:25pm

Flight # 5710 / 5774

Leave 20th April 2024 ~ NAP 11:45am, Arrive INV at 3:40pm

Flight # 5773 / 5713


Travelling: White Swimming Southland polo, black pants/tights/shorts and the Swimming Southland jacket

Poolside: Maroon (morning), Gold (finals) Swimming Southland polo or singlet, black shorts and the Swimming Southland jacket

If you are keen to apply to be considered for team management, please apply here...


If you have qualified, can you please let us know your intentions of attending the meet (Yes, No or Maybe), this helps us with the budget and to keep the costs down for the swimmers attending...

Reminder: - If swimmers wish to go on their own to representative / zonal meets and not as a part of the Southland team, they will not receive the support Swimming Southland would provide.  If not taking part as a Southland team swimmers must follow protocols and rules and apply for travel dispensation through Swim Southland website and let Swimming Southland know a minimum of 30 days prior to travel.