Club Swimming

You can join club as a Learn to Swim Swimmer, a Club (non-competitive) swimmer or a Competitive swimmer. Below is a brief definition each membership...

Learn to swim  - Lessons focusing on water confidence and basic swimming skills for children aged five and above.

Club - A non-competitive or club swimmer can only race at local meets.

Competitive - As a swimmer progresses through the pathway they can consider becoming a Competitive Swimmer. This entitles them to compete at both Southland Championship Meets and represent Southland at regional or national meets. 

How do I decide which club to join?

We have 11 Swimming Clubs in Southland, so there will be one that’s suites you and your swimmers needs.

Details on each club can be found below and the listed Club Contacts will gladly guide you on how to join, what their coaching & club fees are & what club uniform is required.

And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email our Development Officer.