Southland Rep Team - Qualifiers Lists

Southland Rep Team - Qualifiers Lists

Qualifing lists for each National and South Island Representative Meet this season - if you appear on these lists, go to the meets page for more information on each event...

Upcoming Meets 2019.2020

Upcoming Meets 2019.2020

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Life Membership and Service Awards received!!

It is with great pleasure we confirm Tim Ward (OCA), is awarded with a Swimming Southland Life Membership. Tim has been involved in Swimming in so many ways for well over 20 years. Tim continues to remain a big reason for our success today, through officiating at our local meets and being our Regional Examiner! 

We also had the please of awarding a Swimming Southland Honours Award to Yvonne McDonald (COL), Yvonne has been a familiar face around the pool and on the Swimming Southland Management Board for many a year, only just recently taking a well earnt step back!

Swimming Southland Service Awards were also awarded to both Fenton Herrick (OCA) and Debbie Herrick (OCA). With about 20 years of service each, it goes without saying these guys are hard working, dedicated assests to the swimming community.


National Team Selection for Jane!

Jane Fox is about to embark on one massive adventure! 

Being selected as part of the New Zealand team, travelling to Brisbane in October 2019 to the INAS Global Games.

Jane has qualified for several events, and is the teams only female swimmer! 

Did you know..... Jane currently holds 12 New Zealand Para Swimming Records!  

Your hard work and dedication to swimming is paying off! Good luck Jane!!

Southland Records broken.....

Male Open 200m Free – Short Course
Previous Record      Jacob Blomfield             24.8.2018                                1:54.09

NEW RECORD        Jacob Blomfield          12.9.2019                                1:53.40                  at NZ Secondary Schools 2019


Female 14-15year 50m Free – Short Course
Current Record              Natalie Wiegersma             27.9.2005                       27.08

EQUALS RECORD       Amie Pratt                         15.9.2019                        27.08                  at Southland Short Course Champs 2019


Female 14-15year 50m Free – Long Course
Previous Record     Amie Pratt

NEW RECORD         Amie Pratt               16.6.2019                            27.86                     at Opens 2019

Male Open 800m Free – Long Course
Previous Record     Bryn Murphy             4.4.2004                                8:34.15

NEW RECORD        Jacob Blomfield       16.4.2019                              8:30.26                  at Nags 2019

Female 14-15year 50m Free – Long Course
Previous Record     Penny Tapper      

NEW RECORD         Amie Pratt               16.4.2019                             28.05                      at Nags 2019

Swimming Southland Regional Pathway 2019.2020

Swimming Southland are pleased to announce the new Regional Development Pathway, along with the Swimming Southland Five Hundy Squad and ILT Talented Athlete Fund.

We are very pleased to announce the following swimmers have gained qualification to the Five Hundy Squad;

Jacob Blomfield Natasha Rain Milli Low Amie Pratt
Jackson Herrick Sophie Shallard Xander Marsh Teegan Strudwicke
Janelle Tinker Martina White Amelia Black Jasmin Hutchby
Rhianna Short Jane Fox Reegan Cross  


SBS Bank Wayne Evans Memorial Scholarships Announced

We are very pleased to announce the following SBS Bank Wayne Evans Memorial Scholarships have been awarded as follows;
- NZ Juniors 2019 - Joesph Koroiadi (MKU)
- NZ Division II 2019 - Regan Cross (MKU)
- NZ Age Groups 2019 - Amie Pratt (OCA)
- NZ Opens 2019 - 
- NZ Short Course 2019 - 
- National Para Swimmer 2019 - 

A huge congratulations to these recipients, what a great achievement :)
A massive thank you to the team at SBS Bank for their continued support in remembrance of our mate Wayne.

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