Our Story

Swimming Southland was established in 1928, with 75th Anniversary celebrations being held in 2003.

We are thrilled to share with you an exciting project that we have been working on - a book that chronicles the rich history of competitive swimming in Southland, from its inception to the present day. The book highlights the many clubs in Southland that have contributed to the success of swimming in our province, as well as the swimmers, coaches, and administrators who have made it all possible.

 To bring this project to fruition, we have partnered with Craigs Printing, who have provided us with cost estimates for the editing, composition, and printing of the book. While we are confident that the book will be well-received and sell successfully, we need additional financial support to cover the expenses. 

Swimming Southland has been operating on a tight budget in recent years, which is why we are reaching out to you and other local clubs for support. We believe that this project is a worthy investment, not only as a celebration of our province's proud swimming history, but also as a valuable resource for future generations of swimmers, coaches, and enthusiasts.

 We have already received some limited sponsorships from individuals associated with the project, but we need more support to bring this project to completion. We would like to invite your club to join us as a sponsor of this worthwhile project.

 Your contribution will not only help bring this book to life, and any profits from the sale will also go towards supporting our wider organisation, including equipment and swimming development.

 We are confident that this project will be a great achievement and a permanent, accessible record of the achievements of the swimmers, coaches, and administrators who have shaped our province's swimming history. With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

If you would like to donate, please reference "book sponsorship" along with your name into Swimming Southland's account SBS 03-1355-0614313-00. If you require a receipt for tax purposes, please let me know, and we can issue one for you. admin@swimsouthland.org.nz